Sister Journals: Services Transactions on Cloud Computing (STCC (Print) ISSN 2326-7542 (Online) ISSN 2326-7550) includes topics related to the advancements in the state of the art standards and practices of Cloud Computing, as well as emerging research topics which are going to define the future of Cloud Computing.

Sister Journals: Services Transactions on Services Computing (STSC (Print) ISSN 2330-4464 (Online) ISSN 2330-4472) Services Transactions on Services Computing (STSC) aims to provide the first Open Access publication channel for all authors working in the field of all aspects of Services Computing. STSC's major topics include but not limited to modeling, development, publishing, discovery, composition, testing, adaptation, delivery, Web service technologies, Web service standards, enterprise modeling, business consulting, solution creation, service orchestration, service optimization, service management, service marketing, business process integration and management.

March 1, 2013: Services Transactions on Big Data (STBD) has chosen as its online paper submission and review system. is a leading Internet service provider which supports dynamic configuration of multiple conferences and special issues as well as the full lifecycle management of papers.