Call for Papers

Big Data has become a valuable resource and mechanism for the practitioners and researchers to explore the value of data sets in all kinds of business scenarios and scientific work. New computing platforms such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, social network are driving the innovations of big data. From government initiative perspective, Obama Administration in United States launched "Big Data" initiative that announces $200 Million in new R&D investments on March 29, 2012. European Union also announced "Big Data at your service" on July 25, 2012. From industry perspective, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other leading software and internet service companies have also launched their own innovation initiatives around big data.

The Services Transactions on Big Data (STBD) includes topics related to the advancements in the state of the art standards and practices of Big Data, as well as emerging research topics which are going to define the future of Big Data, including strategy planning, business architecture, application architecture, data architecture, technology architecture, design, development, deployment, operational practices, analytics, optimization, security and privacy. Topics of interest to include, but are not limited to, the following:

Big Data Models and Algorithms (Foundational Models for Big Data, Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing, Big Data Analytics and Metrics, Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data)

Big Data Architectures (Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data, Big Data as a Service, Big Data Open Platforms, Big Data in Mobile and Pervasive Computing)

Big Data Management (Big Data Persistence and Preservation, Big Data Quality and Provenance Control, Management Issues of Social Network enabled Big Data)

Big Data Protection, Integrity and Privacy (Models and Languages for Big Data Protection, Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics Big Data Encryption)

Security Applications of Big Data (Anomaly Detection in Very Large Scale Systems, Collaborative Threat Detection using Big Data Analytics)

Big Data Search and Mining (Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search, Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search, Machine learning based on Big Data, Visualization Analytics for Big Data)

Big Data for Enterprise, Government and Society (Big Data Economics, Real-life Case Studies of Value Creation through Big Data Analytics, Big Data for Business Model Innovation, Big Data Toolkits, Big Data in Business Performance Management, SME-centric Big Data Analytics, Big Data for Vertical Industries (including Government, Healthcare, and Environment), Scientific Applications of Big Data, Large-scale Social Media and Recommendation Systems, Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments, Big Data in Enterprise Management Models and Practices, Big Data in Government Management Models and Practices, Big Data in Smart Planet Solutions, Big Data for Enterprise Transformation)

STBD seeks original, extended versions of papers published from related reputable conferences, reporting substantive new work in various domains of big data. In order to submit a paper, visit STBD submission system powered by EDAS.