Call for Papers

Services Transactions on Blockchain (STBC) is a peer reviewed, international publication aiming to be a core resource providing leading technologies, development applications, empirical studies, and future trends in the field of Blockchain.

From the technology foundation perspective, Blockchain covers the science and technology needed for creating, connecting, interacting, and managing transactions among multiple parties including people, computer programs, robots, environments, and Internet services. All topics regarding blockchain enabling technologies, applications, and standards align with the theme of STBC.

Aiming to become a prestigious international journal in the field, STBC will consider extended versions of papers published in reputable related conferences and innovative applications of Blockchain. Sponsored by Services Society (S2), the published STBC papers will be made accessible for easy of citation and knowledge sharing, in addition to printed versions. All published STBC papers will be promoted and recommended to potential authors of the future versions of related reputable conferences such as ICBC, ICIOT, ICWS, SCC, CLOUD, BigData, SERVICES, AIMS, EDGE, and ICCC.

STBC covers state-of-the-art technologies and best practices of blockchain, as well as emerging standards and research topics which would define the future of blockchain. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following Blockchain Technology and Platform, as well as Blockchain Solutions and Business Models:

Blockchain Technology and Platform
   Fundamental Research for Blockchain
   Development Platforms for Blockchain
   Industry Standards for Blockchain
   Cloud Computing for Blockchain
   Big Data for Blockchain
   Internet of Things for Blockchain
   Next Generation Internet for Blockchain
   Encryption Algorithms in Blockchain
   Blockchain Platforms for Applications
   Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain    

Blockchain Solutions and Business Models
    Blockchain Application Reference Architectures and Instances
   Application in Financial Services: Digital currency, Asset digitization, Smart securities
   Application in Social Management: Digital Identity, Public Utilities, Public welfare, Government management
   Application in Supply Chain Management: Anti-fake and Traceability, Smart contract, Logistics management
   Application in Enterprise Management: Financial Management, Business management process, Data management
   Application in Intelligent Manufacturing: Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent manufacture and management
   Application in Personal Service: Copyright protection, Legal service, Education service
   Business Models for Blockchain

Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished papers, or extended versions of papers published from related reputable conferences in the field of blockchain. At least 30% of new substantial content must be added from the published conference versions. A cover letter must be submitted together with the journal version and conference version, explaining in detail the extension and difference between the journal version and the conference version.

You can submit your paper to the STBC Online Paper Management system powered by EDAS ( Submitted manuscripts will be limited to 12-14 pages, and REQUIRED to be formatted using the STBC journal template in Microsoft Word format. The submitted papers can only be in the format of WORD. An electronically submitted abstract will be required prior to the submission of the full paper. Electronic submission of manuscripts (in Word formats) is required. Submissions should include paper title, abstract, name of authors, their affiliations, and email addresses. Once your paper is accepted, you must submit your final paper in Word format for camera-ready production.